Aesthetic medicine - evolution

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aesthetic medicine - an ancient discipline

In ancient egyptian and greek medicine, aesthetics already played a vital role. Nowadays, aesthetic medicine is a procedure-oriented, rapidly growing specialty, where non-surgical and minimal invasive techniques for improving and enhancing the appearance, texture and contours of the skin, face and body are possible without the need of sedation and minimal downtime. While aesthetic medicine definitely is an art and science, it does not intend to replace plastic surgery.  The relationship between the two disciplines is synergistic. Our society is growing older due to higher life-expectancy, people feeling agile and dynamic want to adapt their appearance to their attitude. The need to improve the aesthetic appearance to conform with what is seen as the ideal in society today. It allows individuals to be more self-confident and to be more balanced psycologically. The latter shows a positive effect on the endocrine, immune and nervous system.

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aesthetic medical treatments

As we move up  the ladder of life, we find our skin transgress into a diminishing form with wrinkles, folds and age spots appearing all over. Where earlier this was an accepted sign of aging, now you have easy ways to stop it from happening.   Structural breakdown of our skin occurs as a result of  both intrinsic and extrinsic aging and involves multiple pathological processes. Wrinkles, rythids, loose skin and diet-resistant local fettdeposits become more and more apparent. 


Please keep in mind, that aesthetic medicine, even if many treatments can be made during a lunch break, is no cosmetic treatment and therefore requires diagnosis, treatment plan and strict advice for the pre- and post-treatment period. Together with Dr. Huschek you can find the proper treatment and talk about realistic expectations