Mesotherapy is a natural, well tolerated method which is targeted to the individual needs of the patient and shows effects exactly where needed. We are performing aesthetic mesotherapy with a mesogun, that injects the formulae virtually painlessly in the outer skin layer. All substances injected are injected directly into the outer skin layer and hence subject your metabolism to no stress at all but function quite independently of it. The latest generation of ultra-thin needles contributes to the injection procedure being painless.


The technique was developed by Dr. Michel Pistor in France in 1950. Until a few years ago it was practised in France, South America and Spain in particular. It has gained in importance in recent years as some treatments can also be used in aesthetic medicine to benefit the skin. Dr. Huschek is a certified member of the AestheticMeso NETWORK. The NETWORK concerns itself solely with the aesthetic uses of meotherapy.  The NETWORK's expert commission consists of Dr. Petit, Dr. Michael J. Weidmann of Augsburg and Dr. Shirley Madhere of New York. Dr. Philippe Petit, mesotherapy lecturer at the university of Bordeaux, has decisively influenced aesthetic mesotherapy. The commission is regularly drafting generally valid aesthetic mesotherapy standards.


Aesthetic mesotherapy consists of injecting unlinked hyaluronic acid in particular with  PRP-Substances in the affected areas to stimulate cells as well as stem-cells. Hyaluronic acid, but PRP-therapy in particular, has proven a substance that stops the physical degeneration processes and can reverse the declining renewal processes.


Different Mesotherapy - techniques

There are two different injection techniques: The original meso-or sinlge shot-technique, that requires injections about 1 cm apart and the other the mesolift or nappage technique that is a chain of mini-injections at extremely short intervals. While the first technique is used primarily for initial treatment of the affected skin, the second for finishing purposes to return a healthy appearance and gloss to the skin.


Mesotherapy: Duration of a session

The duration of each treatment session naturally greatly depends on the size of the area to be treated (5 to 30 minutes). A locally surface anaesthetic cream can be applied to the affected skin areas 30 minutes before treatment give as much  comfort as possible.

Mesotherapy: How often?

Several treatments are always planned to achieve an optimal result, initially at fortnightly, then at monthly and finally at quarterly and semi-annual intervals.

Mesotherapy - risks and side effects

Patients who often suffer from allergies should not be treated. Only a very few risks need mentioning and the doctor applying the treatment will advise you of them comprehensively. The allergic should be tested for the substances used in advance, minor blood vessels may be affected by the injections and cause bruising and in darker skin from skin type 4 on there may be some hyper pigmentation.

Mesotherapy - after the treatment

After treatment there is some reddening and possibly minor bruising which will be virtually invisible 24 hours later. Swelling of the skin areas treated is so minor as be negligible. The side effects described are deliberately emphasised as they indicate some infection or other that causes skin tightening due to mini scarring and generation of new collagen when healing.