Medical Needling/ Microneedling

Cell stimulation and stem-cell activation?

medical needling, microneedling, needling, collageninduction
Microneedling is collageninduction through cellactivation

We started to work with medical Microneedling in 2012, using an electronic device form the beginning. The Dermapen ® is an FDA-approved electronic device that uses multiple sterile microfine disposable needles to vertically pierce the skin (fractional microneedling device) in order to induce cell activation and collagen-induction by piston driven oscillation. This causes collagen remodeling and enhances skin rejuvenation, especially if hyalurone or PRP-substances are administered under the treatment. Unlike needle rollers, Dermapen® uses a precisely-controlled stamping method to reach a preset depth between 0,5 and 2,5 mm in the skin while minimizing excess damage to the epidermis. Due to the strict vertical movement of the 11 surgical steel microneedles there is no horizontal tension on the "microwounds". We are proud to be one of the first practices in Germany to have started to offer this treatment.


medical needling, microneedling with dermapen
this is the fractional microneedling - device we are working with

Clinical effects of medical microneedling

What Microneedling is used for:

  • skin tightening, lifting, rejuvenating
  • acne scar remodeling
  • fine wrinkle smoothing
  • stretch mark flattening and smoothing
  • remodeling of surgical scar
  • smoothening of burns

microneedling, medical needling, needling
the tip of our Dermapen used for microneedling

How microneedling works - the three phases of action in woundhealing

medical needling, microneedling with dermapen Hamburg
microneedling: wound healing phase one: cellular activation
medical needling, microneedling with dermapen, Hamburg
microneedling: healing phase two: tissue activation
medical needling, microneedling with dermapen, Hamburg
microneedling: wound healing phase three: collagen induction

Microneedling with DermaPen: Treatment features

  • hyaluronic acid or prp (platelet rich plamsa) is applied during microneedling
  • microneedling - aftercare regimen is advised
  • sun avoidance/ SPF 50+) protection is a must within the first 4 weeks after Microneedling
  • Minimal discomfort during microneedling when local anaesthesia is applied

What is plasma needling?

Plasma needling is a term used for the combination of Microneedling and PRP (platelet rich plasma) in one treatment, adding the two cellstimulating effects to boost the outcome. It is also referred to as vampire lifting of plasma lifting, but in the latter two cases PRP also might just be injected by a syringe to certain areas os be brought into deeper skinlaysers by a mesogun (mesotherapy).

Dr. Huschek will inform you about precautions to take and possible side effects of medical microneedling.