Plasma Needling

Combining the effects of physical (medical microneedling) and chemotactical, yet biological (prp-treatment) cellular stimulation, plasma needling is already offeredby Dr. Huschek since 2012 at his private practice in Hamburg to a clientel of international patients. Furthermore, there is currently no other way of applying the autologous platelet-derived growth factors to the layers relevant for regeneration of the skin in a similar consistent manner. Plasma needling, as well as PRP-therapy and medical microneedling, should be performed in a strictly sterile modus operandi to prevent the only possible sideeffect, an infection by contamination. Both treatments alone already proofed significant results in clinical trials. Links to PUBMED-listed relevant scientific publications are provided below:



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Indications for plasma needling

  • hyper- or hypertrophic scars
  • stretchmarks
  • wrinkles
  • couperosis
  • pattern hairloss

Contraindications for plasma needling

  • active infections in the treatment area
  • pregnancy
  • tendency for hypertrophic scarring
  • severe auto-.immune desease
  • ongoin chemotherapy
  • cancer
  • ongoing therapy with "blood-thinning" drugs
  • various pathological conditions of the blood
  • anemia

Possible side effects of plasma needling

Following the indications and contraindications, the risk of side effects is low. Since no artificial substances are used for plasma needling, the only side effects possible are bruising and infection, while the latter can be prevented by a strictly sterile modus operandi.