Fillers: Hyaluronic acid injections

Injectable fillers are a form of gel that is simply injected under your skin, where they can instantly flatten lines, rythids and wrinkles as well as restore the shape of your cheeks, ckeek bonse, nose, jaw line and chin. This aesthetic non-surgical procedure is growing in popularity for its ease in procedure and minimal downtime. As we all move forward on the ladder of life, we find our skin transgress into forming wrinkles and folds appearing at more and more spots. Earlier due to limited treatment options this was an accepted sign of aging, but now there are relatively easy ways to stop it from happening by using simple dermal injectable fillers. The cause of our skin to look raw and lost in comparison to young skin is lack of Hyaluronic Acid that binds water to keep hydrating the skin as well as restrucuring and rarification of collagen and elastin in the underlying tissue (the latter is treated by a lifting procedure - we are offering the only FDA-approved non-surgical lifting method called Ultherapy). There is currently a growing trend to combine filler treatment with microneedling or even PRP-therapy. Dr. Huschek is not using permanent fillers, but a nature-identical absorbable material called hyaluronic acid.


hyaluon, Faltenunterspritzung
hyaluronic acid stores water nuturing the skin

What hyalurone - fillers are used for

Improvement of the skin elasticity by increasing the production of collagen in the skin by direct injection of hyaluronic acid under the wrinkles, in the tear trough or nasolabial fold, also by general infiltration with hyaluronic acid by Mesotherapy or Microneedling.

  • smoothing the fine lines and rough patches of skin
  • providing more full lips
  • non - surgical nose-job (5 minute nose job
  • restoring the shape and volume of your cheeks or cheekbones
  • restoring the jawline
  • enhancing the chin
  • filling up the tear trough
  • rejuvenation of the decolletage, neck and back of aging hands

Why to start filler treatment relatively early

When tiny lines on the face or the cleavage turn into wrinkles and wrinkles turn into deep furrows, these are obvious signs of aging. There is, however, a big difference between normal, finer and friendly-looking lines and creases (e.g. superficial smile lines around the eyes and the mouth) and the permanent, deeper furrows and real wrinkles (e.g. worry lines), nasolabial folds (folds between the ala of the nose and corner of the mouth), oral commissures etc.. Furrows and wrinkles might also be signs of premature and accelerated aging. A filler treatment can prevent lines to become furrows if started in time.

Faltenunterspritzung, Hyaluronsäure, Filler,
young skin has plenty of hyalurone, collagen and elastin

Hyaluronic acid and the aging process

The aging process is mainly a result of chronically increased oxidative stress, a slowing cell proliferation rate of elastic and collagen fibres (importnt for the strength of the connective tissue) and an ongoing reduction of the capacity to bind water. The capacity to bind water mainly depends on the existence of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is composed of special sugar molecules (polysaccharides) and is produced by all living beings in identical form. The skin owes its suppleness and youthful look, ability to resist the influences of time, sunlight, wind and weather, mainly to hyaluronic acid and its effects on the skin cells. The production of hyaluronic acid slows down with increasing age. But nowadays it is possible to synthesise hyaluronic acid due to bioscientific progress. It is a gel almost 100% biocompatible and water-binding.


filler, Faltenuntersprtzung, Hyaluronsäure
hyaluronic acid is also produced ba the body, but only in extremely small amounts

Besides PRP-substances Dr Huschek uses only products by leading manufacturers due to their excellent tolerance to fill creases and augment (restore) various parts of the face and the lips. Dr. Huschek will inform you about the risks and benefits of filler-treatments during your appointment.