Botox - Botulinumtoxine A

What do we need Botox for? Of course we all know, that Botox is used to treat wrinkles. But why does Botox work against wrinkles. Most facial wrinkles are caused by excessive contraction of the facial muscles for facial expressions. The connective tissue is pleated repeatedly at the same spot and is thus mechanically strained. Over the years, blinking of the eyes and frowning of the eyebrows will leave visible traces in the form of moderate or more severe lines and wrinkles. As most of these activities happen unconsciously they cannot be influenced directly. The results are crow’s feet around the eyes and glabellar lines at the root of the nose. The latter sometimes leads to misunderstandings as people might think the person is angry or annoyed which is actually not the case. In this case Botox can bring relief.


Botox, botulinumtoxin
botox against wrinkels on the forehead

What can be treated with Botox?

Wrinkles caused by gravity and the loss of elasticity during the ageing process can not be treated with Botox. Those should better be treated with Filler, UltheraDermapen (MN/ CIT/ PCI) or Mesotherapy (with or without  additional use of PRP).

Are Botox - injections painful?

above a "Botox - needle" compared to a regular one

Botox is injected with micro-thin needles, normally used to inject insuline for patients suffering from diabetes.

How does Botox work?

Botox blocks the contraction impulse in the treated muscle region at the point between the nerve end and the muscle cell, called synasis. Both, muscles and therefor the skin relax noticeably. Disturbing lines can be smoothed or even removed, which can effectively harmonize the facial expression after a Botox - injection. The continuous Botox - treatment even prevents the development of deeper and more severe wrinkles.


Botulinumtoxin, Botox
A young face does not need Botox to appear smooth

How long does the Botox - effect last?

Botox blocks the treated neuromuscular synapses irreversibely. But the body produces new synapses in the same manner as skin cells are constanly reproduced. As soon as plenty of new synapses have been produced, the Botox- effect starts to fade.   The effect of the treatment starts to show after 3-5 days, reaches its maximum after 2 weeks and normally lasts approximately for 3-6 months.

Botox for everyone?

We will absolutely not perform Botox - injections on pregant or breastfeeding women, patients under 18 years of age or patients suffering from chronical disease of the nervous system. Dr. Gregor Huschek is a member of the DGBT - the German Society of Aesthetic Botulinumtoxin Therapy and also certified for the aesthetic use of Botox as active member of several other national and international societies for aesthetic medicine, like the AAAM (American Academy for Aesthetic Medicine) or the ECAMS (European College for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery).

Is Botox is the right treatment for you?

During the consultation, Dr. Huschek will tell you if a Botox - treatment is the right choice for you. He will inform you about alternatives to Botox and about possible side effects of a Botox - treatment.