Wrinkles/ crowfeet around the eyes are classically treated with a combination of BTXA and filler injections. For a natural long-time result, the treatment of choice is the stimulation of local collagen-production by DERMAPEN in combination with PRP-treatment. Now you can also try the new soft-lifting with Ultherapy, the only FDA-approved non-surgical lifting-method.



Dermal fillers can be used for filling, contouring and harmonization of lips which are too narrow, asymmetric or which have developed a loss of volume. Dr. Huschek exclusively uses natural and resorbable non-permanent fillers such as natural hyaluronic acid. This augmentation treatment method has particular reshaping and clearly improving as well as harmonizing effects for the whole mouth area. Wrinkles and age spots around the mouth can be treated with IPL, hair will be permanently reduced with E-Light. Marionett-lines as well as a gummy smile are subject to Botox-treatment.


being the centre of our face, the nose is almost always a matter of concern. In modern aesthetic medicine we can find numerous ways of treatment without surgery being involved. A non-surgical nose-job (rhinoplasty) with fillers,  removing  freckles or age spots with CRYOALFA and Botox (in combination with a little bit of filler t the right spot) for a discrete lifting of the nosetip.


The sensitive skin on the forehead is exposed to the sun and moved by our facial mimic muscles thousands of times every day. Depending on the hairstyle, the forehead represents a relatively large area of our face. Sunprotection (SPF 50+) is absolutely essential. Wrinkles on the forehead can be treated by relaxing the muscles with Botox, while the quality of the skin can be improved with collagen induction therapes as medical microneedling or plasma needling through deep stimulation. According to our experience, Fraxel lasers and peelings will rather improve the uppermost skinlaysers and by time might reduce the diameter of the skinlayer.

Cheeks and Cheekbones

With the years passing, the volume in the midface-area is decreasing, the subcutaneous fad deposits start to shrink and sink lower and lower, furrow and wrinkles are taking over. By deep filler injections, the volume and contour can be restored. The quality of the skin can be improved by deep collagen induction through microneedling, plasma needling and Ultherapy ("soft lift").


A defined jawline is a sing of youth. At the age of 40, many develop jawls, also enlrged fat deposits under the jawline can reduce youthfull appearance. Small, unwanted fat deposits can be removed without surgery by injectionlipolysis, skin can be rejuvenated by microneedling or plasma needling and Ultherapy can tighten the skin to a certain degree.

By injecting Botulinum Toxine (Botox) into the masseter-muscle, the chin-area (and the whole face) may occur more narrow.

If the projection of the skin is to small or not masculine enough, filler injections can enlarge the chin and support the jawline.