Lips - volumizing and contouring

lippen aufspritzen Hamburg
youthfull lips, perfect contouring

Being the center of the face, our lips represent much more than just a tool for communication and eating. Full, young and inviting lips are important for many people nowadays, not only models and actors are taking the advantage of aesthetic medicine.  Fillers (hyaluronic acid) can be used for supporting volume, contouring and harmonizing lips which appear too narrow, asymmetric or which by time lost youthful volume. Dr. Huschek exclusively uses natural, resorbable non-permanent fillers such as natural hyalurone. This augmentation treatment has reshaping and improving as well as harmonizing effects for the mouth area. Wrinkles  around the mouth can be treated with filler, BTXA and - most innovative - with Ultherapy. A series of DERMAPEN-treatments in combination with PRP-treatment will additionally stimulate  the production of collagen. Marionett-lines are - as well as a "gummy smile" - subject to BTXA-treatment.


The "Mona Lisa smile" is a very special filler-treamt to lift the angles of your mouth, bringing a more positive attitude to your facial expression.